Post Injury Rehab, Dr. Seth Nelson, St. Peter, Chiropractor

Debate recently has centered around the long used RICE for post injury therapy.  New information is bringing the use of ice into question as evidence shows that ice can slow healing even if it does effect pain levels.  Healthy, safe rehabilitation post injury is key but exercise rehab at the right time in the right […]

Cervical Cancer vs Shitake Mushrooms

Cervical Cancer VS. Shitake mushrooms…….  I would take the mushrooms:) A study was just presented by UT Health at the Society of Gynecological Oncology meeting in Tampa that showed that AHCC (extract from Shitake Mushrooms) could eradicate the human papillomavirus (HPV) in mice.  They expected a reduction in the infection but not complete eradication.  They […]

Equine Chiropractor

As the weather continues to improve the busy horse season gets going.  If you are considering having your horse get a chiropractic evaluation or chiropractic adjustment please start looking at schedules now.  Dr. Seth Nelson is starting to book out available times for the upcoming weeks for available equine chiropractic appointments.  Don’t wait to last […]

Fruits, Veggies and Back Pain

What?  How do fruits and veggies effect back pain?  We will take it a step farther, eating fruits and vegetables, 7+ servings a day reduces your chance of cancer by 25%, your chance of heart disease by 31% and all cause death by a whopping 42%(1).  At Rising Sun Chiropractic, all our patients learn about […]

Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity

In a recent post we talked about leaky gut and the effects it has on so many different parts of the body.  This new study from the American Journal of Cardiology shows a significantly higher risk of coronary artery disease in the Celiac population compared to control.  Studies like this show the link between persistent […]

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Many of our chiropractic patients come in for pain but after speaking with them about their overall health we discover that their symptoms may come from many sources and that back pain, neck pain or sciatic may be a result of more than just sleeping wrong.  One of my favorite teachers, Dr. Bob Rakowski often […]

Strawberry Season

On this dreary day its hard to think about the upcoming yummy fruits that come with spring and summer in Minnesota.  For those of us who can handle strawberries, nothing beats fresh organic, local berries.  This study shows eating those yummy berries lowers your cardiovascular risk, improved antioxidant status and lower cholesterol markers.  Look ahead […]