Why does my back hurt after joint replacement?

Back Pain Post Surgery More and more commonly we are helping people with lower back pain after having a new knee or hip.  After you have had a new joint the last thing you want to deal with is a new pain somewhere else. Sound familiar Changes in your gait and posture puts new stress […]

Store and home made snacks

Healthy Snacks

Click this link for our healthy snack list Healthy Snacks (1)   When the snack options are endless it’s difficult to know what direction to take.  We hope this list is a helpful first step in making healthier food choices. Finding or making healthy snacks is easier than you think! Looking at our Hidden Sugars […]


Are you SENSITIVE? We are not talking emotions here we are talking pain.  Did you know that your pain has a memory?  After injuries how you treat yourself has a big impact on how quick you return to action and a pain free lifestyle.  An easy way to picture what happens to your body after […]

Energy Through Lifestyle

Energy through lifestyle! Wow, last time we had quite a rundown. This time we are going to focus much more and what you are doing with your body to promote improved energy production and what you should stop. I know that when we are in a low point in our lives it is often very […]

Reclaim Your Energy!

Spring Energy Rush Whether I am talking at an event, reading on the internet, or browsing Facebook one of the most common questions is “how do I get more energy?” We are starting a series on your body and how it makes and uses energy with this email, and will be following up with 3 […]