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    • Who are you thankful for?

      Posted - 12 hours ago
    • "The results found spinal manipulation led to... better overall function compared with the traditional care group." - William Kormos, M.D., Editor in Chief, Harvard Men's Health Watch Don't keep hoping that an old injury will go away, relief may just be a phone call away. https://www.health.harvard.edu/pain/can-spinal-manipulation-ease-my-low-back-pain

      Posted - 18 hours ago
    • What's your favorite holiday movie?

      Posted - a day ago
    • Here is the answer to yesterday's puzzle. Many people answered with mug 4 as gravity would have you think that it would fill first but that path is blocked off, the same goes for 9 & 7, leaving mug #5 as the only choice!

      Posted - 3 days ago
    • Who gets coffee first? Hint: Look carefully

      Posted - 4 days ago