Animal Chiropractic



What is Animal Chiropractic?

This is a question that we get asked all the time, followed by why do animals need a chiropractor?  Many of our pets are very active which can lead to slips, falls, impacts, trips, old age, degeneration and all the other injuries that people suffer with.  Most of the problems that pets come to us with are the same problems that we treat people for.  Misalignments and restrictions in movement of the spine lead to  disc injuries, sprains strains, pinched nerves and muscle spasms. Animal chiropractic is extremely gentle and with our years of experience we have dealt with hundreds of spines from very small kittens to VERY large horses.  Most injuries respond in fewer treatments and there is no doubt when your pet is feeling better.  Animal chiropractic helps animals heal from their injuries, corrects the problems and doesn’t just cover symptoms.


In 2008 the laws changed in Minnesota so that chiropractors with a minimum of 210 postgraduate hours of animal chiropractic education could provide chiropractic care for animals. Because of Dr. Nelson’s love for animals he immediately began the animal chiropractic training at the Healing Oasis Wellness Center.  He completed his training at the HOWC in 2009 and received certification in VSMT (animal chiropractic).

Dr. Nelson has a passion for chiropractic care and the benefits it provides for two and four-legged beings.  “I know the power of the adjustment and the change in life it can bring.  Animals, whether they are performance, working, or couch potatoes can benefit from chiropractic care.”


Animal Chiropractic Referral Form

We need a little information from you to obtain an Animal Chiropractic referral from your Veterinarian. This is something we handle for you, that is required by State Law before we can treat your animal. Once completed, we will contact you to set up an appointment.

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Canine & Feline Rates:

Initial Exam: $30

Adjustment: $45

Cold Laser Therapy $25