Rising Sun Chiropractic Wellness News- New Years Resolutions, Healthy Tortillas, Intermittent Fasting

Your banner does not have a link. Click here to add one. Resolutions, Arggghh! It’s that time of year again where we look at our loved ones and say the magic words “This year I am going quit smoking” “This year I am going to cut back on sugar” This year I am going to […]

Wellness News-McKenzie Back Exercises and Detoxification

What a couple weeks right? Now that we are onto a different phase of the year we want to focus on two topics this week. First, we are going to cover a few great lower back exercises for when you have that “Oh No” moment then we are going to go over a couple of […]

Detoxification Questionnaire with XXT Test

Here is the link for the questionnaire I discussed in the newsletter.   At home scoring: 0-14 Not too shabby, we all benefit from some dietary and life style change but you are doing ok.  This score is a low level of general symptoms and minimal indicators of toxic load 15-49 Lets talk about doing […]

Rising Sun Chiropractic Wellness News

Super Monday 6/6/16 Save 20% Large Waist Linked to Prostate Risk Recent studies have shown that increased waist size directly coralates to increased risk of prostate cancer. In fact the researchers showed that for every 4 inches risk went up 18%! For some of you that have been at a health talk we have done […]