Food is information

Why Is Obesity Getting WORSE?

Have you ever wondered why obesity and cancer have become a pandemic? Reading labels and making healthy choices is becoming harder and harder? Chronic disease can take years to heal from and often comes on very slowly. Diabetes, heart attack, heart disease, cancer and respiratory diseases are responsible for 63% of health related deaths worldwide. These […]

Super Monday July 3rd and Holiday Hours

It’s already the 4th(almost), can you believe how quickly our summer is going!  We will be open this coming Monday July 3rd and it is SUPER Monday, all nutritional products will be 20% off.  Stop in, call, email, or direct purchase from Nutrition Dynamics. Have a great weekend! Dr. Seth Nelson Rising Sun Chiropractic

Slippery Roads Chiropractic

Bad Weather, Slippery Roads and Accidents

Nothing like having a rain and snow storm in the middle of January right? Last night on the way home I nearly hit the curb and then almost fell twice on the way to my front door.  Accidents happen and if you are as graceful as I am they tend to happen more than you […]

Fat Loss Workshop

Healthy Eating: Check Exercise: Check Losing weight…? Too often we start making great health choices only to not get the results we expect and having these roadblocks is not only frustrating it often takes the motivation away. Join us for a life changing workshop. Learn why these frustrations occur, what our program may be able to […]