Super Monday, Sciatica and Super Squash

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Super Monday-Monday Nov. 6th

Remember to take advantage of the savings on your nutritional needs. Super Monday is all day on the 6th. You can stop in the office, call your order in, email at or follow this link and order online.


Yummy Fall Recipe


We tried this one at home last week and it was definitely a hit. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


Topic of the week: Sciatica-

This one has been coming up a bunch lately, its the time of the year when more and more of us are spending longer times on our butts. Whether the pain in the rear is a new one or an injury that has been a thorn in your backside for years its time to act. There are many approaches to treating sciatic pain several we have listed below but the most important thing we have learned over the years is ACT. Don’t let any injury fester and come and go, it gets harder to manage and treat. We have put together a video set of basic stretches for sciatic pain that is free but unfortunately it is a larger file than we can upload here. Send an email to with the subject Sciatia, and I will send you the stretches.