Rising Sun Chiropractic Wellness News- New Years Resolutions, Healthy Tortillas, Intermittent Fasting

Your banner does not have a link. Click here to add one. Resolutions, Arggghh! It’s that time of year again where we look at our loved ones and say the magic words “This year I am going quit smoking” “This year I am going to cut back on sugar” This year I am going to […]

Rising Sun Chiropractic Wellness News: Faux Fudge, Hoverboards, Half Hour to Health and more…

Half hour to health: This Thursday night Dr. Nelson will be presenting his Half Hour to Health talk. This discussion covers key areas to health and wellness. We are constantly updating the class to incorporate new information. Seating is limited so make sure you call to reserve your seat. Its free and starts at 5:30, […]

Rising Sun Chiropractic Wellness News 3/24/16- Simple Changes, Weird News, Posture Support and Happy Easter

The Power of Simple Change We always love the idea of a magical fix, who wouldn’t want their problems solved with a wave of a wand, a single pill, or in the chiropractic profession a single adjustment. The interesting thing about how our brains work with reward systems is that simple victories give us a […]

Weekly Wellness Update

  Super Monday Next Monday is Super Monday at the office. On Feb 1st we have our 20% discount on all nutritional products. Whether you are stocking up on your fantastic wellness choices or are running low during a detox swing in. If you can’t make it on Monday you can always call your order […]