Rising Sun Chiropractic Wellness News- New Years Resolutions, Healthy Tortillas, Intermittent Fasting

Your banner does not have a link. Click here to add one. Resolutions, Arggghh! It’s that time of year again where we look at our loved ones and say the magic words “This year I am going quit smoking” “This year I am going to cut back on sugar” This year I am going to […]

Rising Sun Chiropractic Wellness News 3/24/16- Simple Changes, Weird News, Posture Support and Happy Easter

The Power of Simple Change We always love the idea of a magical fix, who wouldn’t want their problems solved with a wave of a wand, a single pill, or in the chiropractic profession a single adjustment. The interesting thing about how our brains work with reward systems is that simple victories give us a […]