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Rising Sun Chiropractic Wellness News- New Years Resolutions, Healthy Tortillas, Intermittent Fasting

Your banner does not have a link. Click here to add one. Resolutions, Arggghh! It’s that time of year again where we look at our loved ones and say the magic words “This year I am going quit smoking” “This year I am going to cut back on sugar” This year I am going to […]

Wellness News-McKenzie Back Exercises and Detoxification

What a couple weeks right? Now that we are onto a different phase of the year we want to focus on two topics this week. First, we are going to cover a few great lower back exercises for when you have that “Oh No” moment then we are going to go over a couple of […]

Rising Sun Wellness News 5/9/16: Drink your water, Muscle Growth and Wine Ducks

Happy Mothers Day! Do I REALLY need to drink more water? We hear it from all directions daily, drink water, drink more water, heck even as I type this the doctor side of my brain is saying shouldn’t you be drinking a glass of water, soon? So, why? Drinking enough water is essential for normal […]