Many of our chiropractic patients come in for pain but after speaking with them about their overall health we discover that their symptoms may come from many sources and that back pain, neck pain or sciatic may be a result of more than just sleeping wrong.  One of my favorite teachers, Dr. Bob Rakowski often repeats a quote of his, “In the absence of trauma we break down from the inside out.”  How often have you woken up with pain and thought I didn’t even do anything.

The article below talks about leaky gut syndrome.  Never heard of it, well you may be dealing with it.  Leaky gut can be a result of the standard american diet(high fat, sugar, processed, low fruits & veggies), eating foods you may be sensitive to for extended periods or with frequent antibiotic use to name a few.  Over time the intestinal wall becomes less protective and allows proteins that are too large escape into the blood stream. The escape through the intestine leads to an immune response that causes something called endotoxemia and that basically leads to a swelling throughout the body a.k.a Inflammation.

When ignored these daily irritations usually lead to bigger and bigger symptoms including arthritis, IBS, autoimmune diseases, restricted blood flow to the brain and all those weird skin issues that we just can’t figure out.  The great thing about leaky gut is that it is in most cases a very treatable condition with some dietary changes, nutrition and a little work.  This article link below is a nice summary of what chiropractors, functional medicine doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths and many other natural health care providers have been talking about for years.  If you have questions about Leaky gut please give us a call.

Have a great weekend,

Dr. Seth Nelson

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