In a new study the American Heart Association looked at midlife physical fitness and brain health as people aged.  They used heart rate and blood pressure markers on a treadmill to determine a base line in the participants 40’s and then in their 60’s looked at the same data along with MRI’s of the patients brains.  The results continue to re-enforce the need to physical activity through your life.  In  our wellness talks we discuss the power of just walking 3 times a week for 20 minutes.  That small amount of activity reduces cancer risk, improves cardiovascular health and immune function.   The MRI images taken in the 60’s showed that people who don’t participate in regular walking have smaller brain size, lower blood flow and a change in brain structure.  In the fight to keep your health for your whole life simple daily activity should be included along with the dietary changes we have discussed.

What does a day look like when we implement the easy changes?

5-7 Servings of colorful organic fruits and veggies, or using something like Dynamic Greens to supplement

The recommended serving of Omega Fatty acids, talk to us or your medical provider to get doses for you

20 minutes of walking or longer and ideally some weight/resistance exercise

Good restful sleep

Time for stress reduction through activities you enjoy, meditation or time outside.

Plenty of water.

The MIND diet showed that the best results come from being consistent but it also showed that just making an effort did as well.  If you are having difficulty finding the motivation or want some specific guidance give us a call and we can tailor a program for you.


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