Trying to conceive? When starting or continuing a family is not as easy as it should be people start going through many different tests, trials, therapies some with great results others not so great.  As we have discussed in many articles posted here dietary habits have a profound effect on all aspects of our health.  We have briefly discussed epigenetics and how our lifestyles effect the genes we currently have and the genes we are sending on to the next generation.  The exposures to toxic elements in our environment can have far reaching effects on our bodies and our children’s health and the genes they get from us.  Making changes to diet and lifestyle before trying to have a baby can pay off in the long run.  Starting with a healthier body both in mom and dad can lead to easier conception, healthier pregnancy and healthier baby.

What can you do now?  Ideally you would start planning these changes 120 days out or more which is about a month longer than it takes to make sperm.  Starting with cleaning up diet, exercising, a detoxification plan, reducing junk food, processed food, crappy fats can have major effects on not only how you feel but the quality of your reproductive  health.

How do we know these changes have any effect?

This new study from Human Reproduction shows that exposure to pesticide residue on fruits can lower sperm count by 49% and reduce the percentage of normally formed sperm by 32%.  For anyone who has struggled to get pregnant far too often the pressure is on the woman but as this study shows there are significant effects on sperm from just eating conventionally raised fruits.  The dirty dozen is a great place to start if you don’t want to go all organic.  These fruits and veggies have 80% of our exposure and should be eaten only from organic sources.

Apples, Celery, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Grapes, Leafy Greens, Nectarines, Peaches Peppers(hot and sweet), Potatoes, Strawberries and Summer Squash are the for sure organic group.

If you are looking for some direction in your diet, how to  start a wellness plan, detox plan or just want to ask questions give us a call.

Dr. Seth Nelson

Rising Sun Chiropractic


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