In another review of the literature we find that acetaminophen found in medications like Tylenol  are not helpful in treating lower back pain or osteoarthritis.  The sad thing is this treatment is one of the most prescribed approaches to treatment of musculoskeletal pain and arthritic pain.   This review of Acetaminophen shows that it is not helpful it treating lower back pain and better results are achieved through physical therapies like chiropractic care, exercise, massage, acupuncture and the like.  Aside from these pills not being helpful in treating pain regular use will lead to stomach, liver, kidney and gastro-intestinal dysfunction, damage and in an unfortunate amount of cases, death.

In our office the focus with both lower back injuries and arthritis is the improvement of strength, mobility and returning to as normal activity as possible as soon as possible in combination with foods and nutritional supplements that reduce inflammation, control scar tissue formation and through that we can reduce pain.

If you or a friend are dealing with neck, back pain or osteoarthritis give us a call chances are there are many different, safe approaches to reduce pain and improve mobility.  Whether the focus is decreasing pain, reducing inflammation, increasing strength or all of the above there is something that can be done.

Have a great Easter

Dr. Nelson




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