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Exciting news this week on our Dynamic Fruits and Greens, recently the manufacturer had independent testing done to determine how clean the product is. The great news is that not only does Dynamic Greens taste great there is no detectable trace of any herbicide or pesticide in the product. The extensive list of compounds tested is available if you are interested but we can all rest assured that Dynamic Greens is Safe, Nutritious and still a great cheaters way to get in servings of fruits and veggies.


More and more often in our continuing education the discussion of movement and the negative effects of sitting is being focused on. When we sit our physiology changes very quickly to the worse. Some basic changes include: slowed down metabolism, reduced dietary enzymes(poor digestion), reduced insulin sensitivity (increased rate of diabetes), reduced good cholesterol just to name a few. The great thing about sitting is that it is not addictive(like smoking), most people who sit too much want to get up and move more or stand more but just don’t feel like they can. Start with the goal of standing up every 30 minutes for a short amount of time, get a drink, stretch a muscle just a little movement goes a long way. Daily recommendations for activity is 30 minutes of movement daily. This doesn’t mean high intensity it just means on your feet and moving. Start today, get a couple extra drinks of water, a extra bathroom break and a short walk during an ad or on break.

Valentines Day Recipe-Homemade Chocolate

This is a great homemade chocolate recipe that is done quickly and can be varied in a lot of ways.

1/2 cup Coconut oil
1/2 cup cacao powder
1 tsp vanilla
2Tbs maple syrup or honey
sea salt to taste

Put coconut oil in a small pan and heat to liquid, add all the other ingredients stir and its done. I like to pour the chocolate into a shallow 1/4″ muffin like tin. I also will add nuts, fruits or any other flavors to the chocolate. Put them in the freezer or on the deck and its ready in just a minute or two.

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