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Recently we had the opportunity to speak for a local group on stress. Questions eventually turned to dietary habits, weight loss, and do we really need to supplement out diets with nutritional products. Our bodies work on a spectrum and not in the place of either or. For a long time medicine has looked at health as either sick enough for a diagnosis or healthy enough to wait for our next blood draw to see if we are sick. Functional medicine is changing the way we are seeing our bodies and showing us unique responses to deficiencies and sub optimal levels of vitamins and minerals. For example recent researchshows that just having vitamin and mineral deficiencies will lead to persistent inflammation, weight gain, and more difficulty with weight loss. When you are looking at your daily calories, how many miles you ran or that pool of sweat on the floor and finding frustration in the scale don’t be frustrated with yourself, you may be working hard enough but you may be nutritionally depleted and your body does not have the ability to lose the weight. How can I have a deficiency when I eat well? Only supplementation was able to significantly boost nutrient levels and confer beneficial effects on general welfare, physical performance, and resistance to infections. Therefore, it appears that nutritional supplements are advisable for everyone…food is too weak to replete depleted cells and bodies.” A healthy diet is important but making sure you are covering your bases with basic supplementation can make a big difference in your ability to reach your health goals. Keep up the hard work.

August 2015 issue of kkThe FASEB Journal
Advances in Therapy, Volume 24, Number 5/September, 2007

Is Sitting Causing Your Anxiety?

Sitting is the new smoking, sitting is causing weight gain, sitting increases risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, back pain…Can you ever sit again? There is no reason we cannot sit down and get off our feet for breaks or to watch a show or a movie but more often then not we sit all day at work, then because we haven’t moved much during the day we are tired when we get home and we need to sit for a couple minutes, which turns into the rest of the night and before we know it we are sitting the vast majority of our day. New studies are linking anxiety to too much sitting.
The good news is that we employ a few simple tricks to break the habit.
-Set an alarm on your phone for 40mn. Get up and get a drink, talk to a co worker, do a little dance but don’ sit longer than 40mn
-Set a few times a day to be your dedicated 10mn walk, current recommendations are for a half hour of moving in a day to reduce a great majority of the symptoms listed above.

Dr. Nelson’s Tabata of the week-Remember when in doubt or in pain do not do these movements without consulting your health care provider.

The banner above has the premise and a simple search in your smart phone app store will reveal several free Tabata timer apps.

For the fitness buffs among us-Tabata 1
Round 1 & 5-Burpee Round 2 & 6-Squat jacks Round 3 & 7-Alternating Lunge Round 4 & 8-High Knee Sprint in place

For the beginners Tabata 2
Rounds 1 &5- Seated arm Jacks(jumping jacks without the leg action)
Rounds 2 & 6-Chair squats-sit down stand up
Rounds 3 & 7-Hand rolling- Fists stay over each other but hands move in circles
Rounds 4 & 8-Seated straight punch

Have a FANTASTIC Week!

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