Here is the link for the questionnaire I discussed in the newsletter.  

At home scoring:

0-14 Not too shabby, we all benefit from some dietary and life style change but you are doing ok.  This score is a low level of general symptoms and minimal indicators of toxic load

15-49 Lets talk about doing some detoxification, lower end, some nice dietary shifts with basic nutritional support, upper end 10-28 day detoxification plan with anti-inflammatory diet.  This score indicates moderate levels of general symptoms with moderate symptoms of toxic load.

50 and up-Time to detox, in our experience you would have a great response to detoxification protocols and dietary change.  This score indicates high levels of general symptoms and elevated toxic load.  Scores above 50 have a starting recommendation of a 28 day detoxification plan with either anti inflammatory or elimination provocation dietary modification.  

The great thing about detoxification and dietary change is that no matter your score these protocols are well tolerated and the vast majority of people feel so much better after following the plan that they make it a 1-2 time a year experience. I went through it about 12 years ago for the first time and it was VERY challenging for me but I felt so much better during and after I started the path of a much healthier me.  I invite you to take the test, see what you score and have a chat with us, a much healthier energetic you may just be waiting.  


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