What a couple weeks right? Now that we are onto a different phase of the year we want to focus on two topics this week. First, we are going to cover a few great lower back exercises for when you have that “Oh No” moment then we are going to go over a couple of ways to improve your daily energy levels, so read on and enjoy!

When you find yourself in that “Oh No” moment with your lower back and are feeling like you just got stabbed in the back there are a few powerful steps to take to avoid a quick escalation in your symptoms.
First, take a deep breath! When that holy cow moment happens we often tense up a great deal and quickly try to move. I will strongly encourage you follow a page from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and “DON’T PANIC” as bad as the pain may be take a moment for a deep breath. Lay down on the floor on your stomach if you can and take some deep breaths. Lay there breathing for about 5 minutes and after that we are going to gently raise up onto elbows and rest there continuing our deep breathing. From this position most often we have the ability to start press ups as pictured below. I love the McKenzie protocol and you can find his book on Amazon. It really does work! As you see from the pictures below we go into a lazy push up either held or for reps. At this point pain has most often reduced enough to get up. At that point give us a call so we can walk you through other productive exercises and see if you need any adjustments or other therapies. When in doubt do NOT push through pain and symptoms like pain into leg, hip or groin are red flags and these exercises should not be continued AND you should be calling us or another trusted health care professional.

Detoxification Questionnaire HERE
By a show of hands, how many of you feel like this? You may be surprised to learn that many people feel like their head is in the clouds or in a fog most of the time. Foggy headedness is a real thing and often a symptom of a bigger picture of dysfunction in our bodies. What may be the most troubling about this progression is that it usually happens so slowly that by the time you are really noticing symptoms you are REALLY feeling off. The good news is that there are many solutions to this problem and while it is complex in most cases making positive change in your life can lead to positive gains in your overall “Fog”.
I have put together a list of at home steps you can start taking today and if you want to learn more, take bigger steps or even pursue what I believe is the most effective steps you can give us a call.
At home steps:
1)Start drinking a little more water, we can absorb about 1/2 cup every 30mn. Don’t slam a liter, you will just pee all the more.
2)Eat whole, fresh food. We have enough evidence know of how hard it is on us to be constantly eating processed and refined foods. Start with just 1 day a week or join one of the many fresh meal delivery plans like Blue Apron for example.
We will continue putting action steps together for future newsletters. In the meantime take the questionnaire linked above and if you have questions about your score give us a call.

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