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Resolutions, Arggghh! It’s that time of year again where we look at our loved ones and say the magic words “This year I am going quit smoking”
“This year I am going to cut back on sugar”
This year I am going to loose weight”

I know I have been guilty of throwing out a couple of resolutions that sounded great at the time but I new were never really going to get off the ground. Change is not an easy process and often requires working through mentally and physically painful things.

When the challenges of life keep bringing reminders to us for the need to change it seems easy on the surface but the road to success is never a straight line. At my son’s 3rd birthday I had a realization that at 36 years old I wasn’t happy with my health, I ate well but wasn’t exercising and was enjoying my home beer making which only lead to a larger waist line. My “WHY” became to big to ignore at that point, it was time for a change and it was a simple decision to make, hard to do.

I was going to start exercising in little ways every day, making a habit, with the goal of working to some heavy weightlifting and no alcohol.  It has been a full year and a half since then, am I perfect NOPE, but I am MUCH better than I was. I do exercise at least 4 days a week with some really heavy days in there and I feel wonderful doing it. The beer making stopped and at this point have 1-2 drinks a month with special occasions both goals were easy in hindsight and hard at the time.

So, what is the point? I found a why significant enough for me to stick to the changes I wanted to make and keep coming back to them when my motivation was low. Keep your goals for change in view and don’t quit because of a bad day/week/month, keep fighting.


There are many things that I read or listen to that have made a difference in my ability to motivate myself and make change. Here are 3 people that I have been listening to recently.

Tim Ferriss– Tim has an incredible ability to change, grow and find simpler ways of doing it. Great blogging, wonderful books and interviews. Find Tim here
Gary Vaynerchuck-Gary has an unreal ability to make me feel like I should be doing more and I don’t have any good reason not to be. He is much more focused on business but I think much of what he says can be related to all of life. Find Gary here
Tony Robins-Tony has a unique ability to make things simple. Topics range from personal growth to finances, usually great content. You can find his blog content here

I know that there are many other people out there and I am always looking for other great information to learn from. If you have a favorite please send us the info.


We have been gluten free in our house for some time. One of the last hold out items that was hard to replace was a good taco shell. We recently stumbled on this gem. I can’t tell you how happy we were to have a good soft shell again. Enjoy this recipe!


Talking about food, intermittent fasting has been a remarkably successful strategy for people in a variety of health improvements. The basic idea is that we are going for longer than 12 hours without food in a day. Doing this changes how our bodies store and use energy and can effect hormone production. This study actually showed that intermittent fasting had significant effect on acute lymphocytic leukemia.

This study had a 1 day feeding cycle and 1 day fasting cycle and at the end of the mouse study 75% of the mice with cancer showed no signs of cancer and lived more than double their counter parts. It also showed that the mice on the intermittent fasting routine completely stopped cancer growth. The study’s results show very positive results on a major illness just by using dietary alterations.

If you would like to discuss what we recommend for intermittent fasting send me an email and I will send over what we do. drseth@risingsunchiro.com

Merry Christmas! We will be closed 12/23, 12/24, 12/25

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