What’s with all the dietary trends? Paleo, Gluten Free, SAD, Ketogenic, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dash the list goes on and on.  Why are any of the choices better than others?  Understanding why some of these diets may be better than others and how some may greatly change your health is important.

So often we look in the news, on Facebook or on the radio and we hear about the new fad or trend.  When it comes to your dietary choices learning what is best for you can make all the difference in how we feel, memory, energy and health.  For some of our patients life changing successes can come from simply eliminating some foods while others can get off of medications with changes in diet.  What we hear most is “I just don’t know what to do”  if you have ever said that then this class is for you.  Join us Oct 26th for a special class on Deciphering the Diet and leave with the knowledge to take steps that will be best for you. Please RSVP to 507-934-3333 or message us on Facebook.

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