Energy through lifestyle!

Wow, last time we had quite a rundown. This time we are going to focus much more and what you are doing with your body to promote improved energy production and what you should stop.
I know that when we are in a low point in our lives it is often very difficult to get the ball rolling. Just taking small steps towards our own health can sometimes feel like climbing Mt. Everest.


The difficult contradiction with improving our energy levels through activity is that your body will often make what you ask for. If you have a very sedentary lifestyle you are going to get energy levels that fit that lifestyle. The other side of that coin is that people who take steps to be on their feet, exercise and have an active lifestyle often have much more daily capacity for activity.

So, where do we start? Lets look at a list of things we need to stop doing to promote better energy.


How much energy do we need for this?


First, don’t sit longer than 40mn without a break. We go through several changes when we sit for longer than 40mn. First, metabolism slows down(yes, you burn fewer calories when you sit a lot). Second, muscle activity reduces, the need for energy decreases to meet demand, if you don’t ask for energy your body doesn’t make it.

The solution, create a base acceptable bottom-This is a concept that has helped me many times when I am at a low for motivation. For me I found that if I had a level of activity that was a daily minimal requirement I often was able to do more because it got me moving. For example you might find you minimum is 5 chair squats, 2 laps around the house and some arm circles. It doesn’t have to be a marathon but it sets the stage for you to develop habits that promote more healthy movement.


Second, start making habits and hobbies include movement. The blue zone studies show that people that live the longest consistently have habits and hobbies that include physical activity as a part of their fun.
The solution, start small don’t be afraid to join a club or group to just get your feet wet. A trail club, a walking group or even volunteering at the dog shelter walking dogs a few times a month can do wonders in promoting energy production.


Finally, if you have tried again and again to start exercising and keep getting stopped by injuries, fatigue or other signs that there is a problem, now is the time to act. There is simple testing that you can do that will tell you where the problem lies and we can help create a program to fix it.

If you are interested in taking action message us back with the subject, Energy, and we can take 2 steps to get you back in action. First, I will send you a questionnaire that helps me give you some at home tools. Second, we are offering a discount on our normal consultation and in office testing to get your groove back. Normally the cost is $60 but until our talk in April we are dropping the price to $40.


The next in the series with cover lifestyle and nutritional habits that get us both in and out of trouble…stay tuned.
Dr. Seth
Rising Sun Chiropractic

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