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When the snack options are endless it’s difficult to know what direction to take.  We hope this list is a helpful first step in making healthier food choices. Finding or making healthy snacks is easier than you think! Looking at our Hidden Sugars list here you will see what to avoid when buying snacks. Whenever possible, try to make your snacks and meals at home.  Difficulty with shopping on the fly usually leads to poor choices and fast food-always be prepared with a list and stick to it!  Look for whole foods, or when buying packaged foods seek out ingredients that you easily understand and recognize.

Why is this so important anyway? The daily food choices that we make and those that are made for our children set the stage for a lifetime of choices around food.  Learning how to eat and what to look for at an early age sets the stage for health for most people for the rest of his or her life.  Everyday there is new research showing how much control we have over diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia and even cancer.  What kinds of choices would you make if you knew that you could live a healthy, active life?

When you start your search for healthy snacks to make at home look at sugars. Very often the recipes have much more added than needed to make it taste good.  At my own home we start with half the recommended amount and slowly add to taste; I have found that the recipe usually tastes great with 2/3 of what is recommended. Try this suggestion as you check out the links below to energy balls and other health bars.

These links will take you to some of the many yummy recipes even my kiddos love:

Banana split sticks

Frozen Banana Bites

Green Bean Fries – for a healthy option skip the breading and use olive oil with your seasoning

Pumpkin Mousse


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