What’s The Big Deal About Organic?

Other than being more expensive does it really make a difference? Research shows exposures to pesticides and herbicides in common household chemicals are destroying male fertility, causing weakened immune systems, and obesity and diabetes are being triggered by compounds in the environment. We could make the argument that, at the very least, we are sensitive to the things we put in and on our body.

The Dirty Dozen

The exposures in the environment have effects on hormones, mental health, and energy levels. Shopping organic can be expensive, but switching to organic from the “dirty dozen” is a great start that won’t break the bank. Most of our exposures come from a select few fruits and vegetables. Click here for the updated list (this information is also available in-office). Buying this group of 12 from the organic section can reduce your herbicide and pesticide exposure by up to 80%!

Take Action!

What it comes down to is making the best choice when we have the opportunity. Reducing exposures to harmful pesticides when possible, and focusing on long-term benefits of organic are great starting points in keeping the body clean from unwanted chemicals!

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