Lifting and carrying like Superman

If you had a nickel for every time you heard “bend with your knees and not with your back,” you would be rich! The problem with that phrase is it does not instruct how to bend safely to avoid injury or pain. Below are simple techniques to implement to properly lift, carry, and avoid injury.

Safe Squats

Mini-Workouts Wall-Squats

Wall squats are a fantastic way to train hip hinge. Stand with your back to a wall, squat straight down, sliding against the wall for stability. Keep your chest up and you should be able to stand back up in that same pattern safely.

The next critical step is creating stability in your middle back and shoulders for the ability to lift from the ground. When shoulder blades are pulled down and together contraction and stability occur for a strong anchor point.

Breath is Key


Another key factor to safe lifting is belly breath. Men who lift incredible weights have these bellies because it allows them the breath to create a strong stable core. You don’t need a huge belly in order to create the same stability. What you do need is a nice big belly breath. You can re-train your breath at night or with a brief lay down. Focus on getting that belly to move by pushing it out into your hand, or while standing push out your belly into your hands on the sides.

Follow-Up on Your Injuries

Check out our Facebook page for more tips when it comes to lifting & carrying. Lifting injuries are avoidable and we hope you never have to deal with one. Come in and see us if something doesn’t feel quite right after a lifting task!

Looking Ahead…

Easter is right around the corner! That usually means chocolate, treats, and family gatherings centered around food. Tips: eat before you go, hold a water bottle instead of a plate at the event, and remember your summer goals before indulging!

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