At Rising Sun Chiropractic here in St. Peter we know the need that we all have in learning how to avoid back injuries.  We will cover a variety of techniques to avoid back injuries in this blog read on, follow the links and we hope you get some great tips.

If there is any good news about back injuries it is that most are under your control.  We can’t predict the falls, car accidents or slipping on ice,  which are out of our control but a large percentage of back injuries are caused by our own actions.  This means you can take steps to prevent back pain from happening and from getting worse.  Here are a few helpful tips from Dr. Seth Nelson at Rising Sun Chiropractic, your St. Peter Chiropractor.  Traveling tips and Shoveling Tips

Pay Attention to Your Lifting Technique

How you lift boxes, laundry baskets, children’s toys, a pair of shoes or just about anything else, has a bearing on the health of your back. When you lift correctly your spine is in the proper alignment and there is no added stress placed on your back. This means you should bend your knees and keep your back as straight as possible when you pick anything up off the floor.  Check out Dr. Seth demonstrating a hip hinge here, this will show you how to lift with your legs the right way.

If you have a lot of lifting to do try to place items on a table or chair so there isn’t as much bending required picking it up. Your back is not designed to work like a crane so anytime you use it that way you are putting stress on your back that doesn’t need to be there. Take a balanced stance, lift with your legs and move your feet if you need to change direction while holding the object.

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Sensible Body Management

Performing activities with your back health in mind is a great strategy to help you avoid back injuries. That means stretching before any type of physical activity, taking it slow if you have a lot of repetitive lifting to do, and taking breaks to rest and stretch during the activity.  Studies show that when we start getting tired we are most likely to get injured, don’t be afraid to change tasks to give your back a break.

Getting yourself into good physical condition also protects your back and helps to avoid injuries. This includes losing weight in your midsection, and strengthening core muscles, to make lifting and general movement less stressful on your back. Your St. Peter chiropractor, Dr. Seth will also tell you that sleeping on a firm mattress is another way you can nurture your back and prevent injuries.


Don’t Let Injuries Linger

If you end up with a back injury despite your efforts to avoid it, you should seek treatment with your St. Peter Chiropractor, Dr. Seth,  as soon as you can. Spinal misalignment, bulging discs, herniated discs, and other injuries often only get worse if you let them linger. Prompt treatment will restore blood flow to the area, relieve any compressed nerves and get you back to normal in the shortest time possible.

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