Managing pain can feel like a full-time job, we have learned that many of the prescription medications that were hailed as saviors have caused disastrous problems. What do we do? If you are living with pain there are steps that can drastically change your daily pain experience. Your St. Peter chiropractor, Dr. Seth Nelson treats chronic pain from a big-picture view.  In this post, we talk about chronic pain, why it’s not what it seems and what we do about it.

What if you accidentally sunburned yourself this afternoon, then tomorrow your best friend took you to the beach and you got sunburned again then the following day you went to the farmers market and got burned again. This isn’t one sunburn that won’t go away it’s a new injury every day and a new sunburn every day gets worse and worse. Very often at Rising Sun Chiropractic, the first step we take is to determine how you are triggering your “sunburn”. Once you have taken out the daily triggers your body can begin to heal for the first time in some cases for years.

Step two is to put out the flame. Introducing a strong anti-inflammatory lifestyle can give your body the tools to heal, improve your energy and reduce your pain. Foods are some of the most powerful triggers and if you go to our Activate Metabolics page you can learn all about our powerful anti-inflammatory weight loss program. There are many supplements that your St. Peter Chiropractor will recommend. Dr. Nelson has more than a decade of training in functional medicine and nutritional counseling. Every day he sees the powerful effect of the right supplements for the right people. Supplementation is specific and based on a detailed history you will get a tailored recommendation to address your anti-inflammatory needs.

Step 3 is to treat inflamed areas. What are your options to treat inflammation? Your St. Peter chiropractor uses cutting edge therapies like class 4 deep tissue Lite Force Lasers, Graston Therapy, Active Release Technique. The final step is to retrain your body to move in ways that support healing long term. You are designed to heal and repair, you just need a little help sometimes. If you have questions about your pain call your St. Peter chiropractic office, Rising Sun Chiropractic today. 507-934-3333 Need an appointment click here.

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