I lined up for kick-off, and took off in a sprint when the ball was kicked, full of intention to flatten #77. We collided midfield and I felt like I hit a wall, immediately experiencing lower back pain. I stood and tried to place the knife-like pain in my back. I lined up again to kick thinking, “I’ll get him this time.” The second time we hit the pain was much worse. I barely managed to get up, and told the coach my back was killing me. Like any good coach in the 80’s, I was told to deal with it and get back in there! I did, and unfortunately, that began more than 13 years of back issues. Yes, even Dr. Seth, your chiropractor has had back issues.

At 40, much of my knowledge has come from the classroom and clinical exposure, but the best lessons have been through personal experience. As the fall sports season begins coaches get more intense, the weights get heavier, and the pressure of teammates is constantly in your face. Experiencing an injury now isn’t part of the game-plan! What happens is we play through, tough it out, get back in there and often get hurt, much worse.

Your St. Peter Chiropractor has some simple steps to prevent injury. Dr. Seth Nelson at Rising Sun Chiropractic has had specialized training in disc injuries, tendon injuries, shoulder, knee, ankle sprains and strains in addition to the safe and effective care for neck and back injuries.  The helpful steps below will keep you in the game and hopefully keep the injuries at bay.

How do we take an injury inventory? First, does something now feel different than it did? If yes, move the area a little without weight. Does it hurt worse with motion? If yes and it’s sharp or shooting, go talk with the coach and the trainer. If no, try to put weight on it. If weight-bearing makes it much worse then it’s back to the trainer. If weight-bearing is not worse, start moving. If you are moving better in a play or two get back in there. If not talk to the trainer. Do I sound like a broken record about the trainer? You’ve got my hint–USE THE MEDICAL TEAM!  We have a great working relationship with our local healthcare community and Dr. Seth takes a team approach and routinely will co-manage athletes’ care with their ATC’s and PT’s to get athletes back as quick as possible.

When the game is over and the adrenaline is done pumping through your body, the pain will become more pronounced. Pain typically increases at night, worsening through the next day. What does pain do for us? Pain is our early warning system, it is the opportunity to evaluate actions and make decisions about what to do next; should I push through and tough it out, or seek care to correct the issue? Pain that increases with activity and lasts after you stop is an injury that should be evaluated and managed to avoid further time away from the game. Remember, early intervention is best! It’s easier to treat an injury early than after weeks of overdoing it and pushing through pain.

Dr. Seth Nelson has had years of working with athletes and is always happy to be a part of your team.  Give Rising Sun Chiropractic, your St. Peter chiropractor a call if you have suffered an injury.

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