The sports seasons are in full swing and your St. Peter chiropractor has been busy helping student-athletes get back in the game and out of back pain, neck pain and as we discuss this week concussions.  Dr. Seth Nelson of Rising Sun Chiropractic has worked with people from all walks of life that have suffered from concussion injuries.  As concussion research continues to evolve we learn not only do concussions have more serious implications than originally thought, but they may have life-changing effects if ignored.

Why are concussions so dangerous? A quick jolt to the brain stretches vulnerable nerve tissue. When nerves are damaged they release a toxic substance injuring or killing nearby nerves. This may cascade into a larger area, and turn an otherwise minor head-hit into a much bigger issue. The danger of the un-diagnosed concussion is the brain is much more vulnerable to follow up hits or injuries. Those follow up hits are often the reason concussions become much worse. The most severe cases are usually a small hit, followed by a large hit within a short amount of time.  At Rising Sun Chiropractic, your St. Peter Chiropractor, you will be assessed through a thorough examination to determine best courses of care.

How is a concussion treated? Following an all hands on deck approach is the most productive to get back to playing. The first part of treatment is to control inflammation…in the gut! Intestinal inflammation increases by up to 5 times its normal state. Bad diets after a concussion lead to body pain, digestive bloat, and a slower recovery. Eating a diet high in healthy, fatty acids such as fish and veggies gives the brain the support it needs to repair, while keeping inflammation low. Protein should also be increased; enjoy a second helping of that fish!

Sometimes eating after a head injury is a challenge. In those situations consuming a shake is helpful. We recommend Ultra Inflammix 360. This shake can be sipped on all day, is a powerful anti-inflammatory combination, and is easy to digest for an injured body to repair. Fish oils high in EPA are a helpful supplement for treatment. Try to get approximately 6 grams per day for a 200 pound body.

A thorough chiropractic assessment will determine if an adjustment is appropriate for care. It may need to be avoided at first, to prevent too much stimulation to the brain. Laser therapy is extremely beneficial as a treatment. The therapy is gentle, not too stimulating and reduces inflammation. Acupuncture is also an important therapy to treat a concussion as it is tolerated by an injured body.

What about activity? We have treated teens suffering from concussions that have kept them from participating in the most basic activity. Tasks such as going to school, doing math homework, or reading a book become activities that trigger migraines, nausea, dizziness, and extreme fatigue. Repetitive, minor head hits have lasting effects as we age. Staying gently active is important, but listening to your symptoms is even more crucial to a quick recovery.  Having good communication with your health care providers is key.  At Rising Sun Chiropractic we emphasize communication, the very best results come when we can talk and understand how you feel.  Getting a specific treatment plan based on you is the key to success.

Don’t ignore the symptoms of a head injury! Rely on professional resources for proper testing, pre and post head trauma. Listen to advice on rest, and give the brain time to repair. Have a fun & safe season!

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