We’re in the midst of holiday gatherings and celebrations! It’s the time of year where extra treats and snacks seem impossible to avoid! Did you know, the average American gains 6 pounds during the holiday season?! It doesn’t take long to turn into 10, 20, or even 30 extra pounds! Check out the Activate Metabolics survival guide(link below) for recipes created from healthy choices- and still enjoy festivities!

Dr. Nelson and the Team at Rising Sun Weight Loss want you to overcome the hurdle of the holidays! Start losing weight now for the tools you need to successfully get through the toughest season of the year! Plus, get a headstart on your resolution for 2020. Remember, during the month of November we are offering a 10% discount on all programs! Want the savings, but aren’t ready to start? Schedule your free consultation to receive the discount, and we’ll help you select a convenient start date!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Activate Holiday Guide

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