Neck pain after car accident

Should I see a chiropractor after a car accident?

It’s been happening more and more in the last few weeks, snow and ice.  This year we’ve had rain thrown into our storms like a bad joke and for the last couple months the roads aren’t the best.   If you’ve been in a car accident this winter, take care of yourself and your injury! A common condition experienced due to an accident is whiplash. People sometimes have whiplash and don’t even know it. Severe whiplash can set people up for a lifetime of chronic pain when left untreated.  At Rising Sun Chiropractic we help get you relief from whiplash and car accident-related pain.  If you’ve had a car accident it can be hard to make choices on what’s best for your recovery.  Should you see a chiropractor after a car accident?  The quick answer…Yes, you should!

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What happens in the first days after a car accident?

In the initial days after a car accident you body begins to heal and you may be in a great deal of pain.  Car accidents even at low speed can cause severe soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries.  When you’ve been in an accident you need someone that is a muscle, joint, bone, ligament, nerve and tendon expert.  Making the choice to see one of the doctors at Rising Sun Chiropractic will give you an advantage in healing.  Our team has specialized training in chiropractic adjustment techniques, soft tissue and muscle therapy, home exercise programs and nutritional advice.  In the office you have advanced therapeutic tools to reduce pain, improve your ability to move and help you heel faster.


What is whiplash?

It is defined by an uncontrolled motion that leads to an overstretch of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments involved. Not fun, and extremely painful for the body to experience. The first step after an accident is to get yourself checked out by a chiropractic professional! Dr. Seth Nelson has always said don’t ‘watch and wait’; whiplash symptoms typically show up days, or even weeks after the accident. A thorough evaluation will give you protection from worsening the injury.  Here is a thorough, in-depth review of whiplash.

What does whiplash look like

What does the treatment for whiplash look like at Rising Sun Chiropractic?

The approach to whiplash injuries needs to be specific to your case. Your pain and injuries are unique to you and your accident; your treatment plan should be too. Learning how to tailor the level of treatment to your case is crucial. Rising Sun Chiropractic has years of post-graduate training in rehabilitation. Did you know there are several different chiropractic adjustment techniques? We have advanced training in low force activator styles, table techniques, and traditional hands-on chiropractic care. Rising Sun Chiropractic has the knowledge & training to determine the appropriate technique to use at the right time. With this knowledge, we are able to keep your treatment on track with healing.


Did you know chiropractic, massage therapy, and physical therapy may sometimes be too intense for whiplash?

New injuries need special treatment, don’t follow no pain, no gain.  Pushing a new injury too fast can lead to poor recovery.

Knee pain after auto accident

Where does the pain come from after a car accident or from whiplash?

After a car accident, the majority of pain comes from soft tissue injuries. When your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and discs get stressed by a car accident and when they do, it can really hurt! Rising Sun Chiropractic has spent hours in continuing education to advance our training with a variety of soft tissue therapies. These therapies include Active Release Technique, FATKR, Graston Therapy, and IASTM. Rising Sun Chiropractic is your source for The McKenzie method in St. Peter.  This is a powerful tool for your self care.


Powerful, comfortable treatment even when your hurting.

Rising Sun Chiropractic has incorporated a deep tissue laser for even better treatment and care. Our Class IV laser is the most powerful in Southern Minnesota, and provides a pain-free treatment option. The first visit alone provides significant relief and has an immediate effect on pain and inflammation. If the above treatment options are too intense for an individual’s injury, laser therapy is the starting point for treatment.

You deserve a health care team who works with you to achieve your goals, as well as get you back to your pre-injury life as quickly as possible.

Don't let time go by and don't suffer after a car accident
Whiplash can show up right away or weeks after an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions about car accidents and whiplash

  1. Can Chiropractic care help whiplash?  Yes, chiropractic care combined with soft tissue therapies and rehabilitation exercises is a powerful way to get better fast and with less likelihood of chronic pain.
  2. Does my auto insurance cover it?  Yes, after a car accident has been reported to your insurance you have built-in coverage for your medical expenses.  Your out of pocket expense is often $0.  At Rising Sun Chiropractic we will work closely with your adjuster to get you the best care possible.
  3. Do I have to see my medical doctor first? No, you are able to come without a referral.
  4. Will it hurt? Our goal is to create a plan that will get you back to feeling great quickly and as pain free as possible.  We will work together to find treatments that meet your needs and avoid pain.
  5. Should I see a chiropractor after a car accident?  Yes!  We are happy to have you into the office for a free consultation or if your ready to start feeling better click here. 


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