Real Food Weight Loss

A Sensible Approach to Weight Loss

Losing weight can be challenging for many reasons.  If you google weight loss these days there are millions of crazy ideas on the subject.  At Rising Sun we promote a sensible approach to weight loss.  At our clinic we focus on real changes through one-on-on coaching, incorporating genetic testing and using real food to promote a true and lasting change.


Dieting doesn’t work

Whenever we start a diet our brains immediately think, “this is going to end and we can go back to what we like”.  I think anyone who has tried losing weight in the past can relate to that.  We go into extremes to drop a few pounds then as we burn out we get back into our old habits one day at a time.   At Rising Sun Chiropractic + Weight Loss we work with our clients hand in hand to show that real food can be delicious, help you feel amazing and lead to the body you have always wanted.


The time is now

We have seen over the years is that we often have a point of pain that leads to a real shift.  You may be thinking right now about your health but not sure if you are ready yet.  Think about your day, are you dealing with more pain than you should be, do you feel older than you are, can you get dress easily, play with kids or grandkids without great effort, do you like how you look in the mirror?  All these reasons are not related to a medical scare but are serious in how they affect our lives and our happiness.


Rising Sun Chiropractic Team is here to help
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Taking action

If you are ready to make a change or even just on the fence, lets chat.  Having a consultation in the office is one of the easiest things you can do for yourself.  In 30mn we can give you great information about your health and answer all the questions you may have.  Just click the tab below to get the ball rolling.  Now is always the best time for a change.

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Learn a little more

Check out our recent article in the Sr. Perspective here or read all about our program here.


Rising Sun Weight Loss

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