How Much Does It Cost To Go To A Chiropractor?

Something isn’t right, you’ve been hoping the pain would go away for the last 3 weeks, but it’s not.  You keep noticing it and it might even be getting worse.  You go to “Dr. Google” and get a million options, you ask a friend and they tell you to see a chiropractor.  You’ve never been and you’re not sure what to expect.  If you check out our blog you’ll run into posts about “What a Chiropractor does” or “What does a chiropractor do at the first visit?” The next question that comes up is how much does it cost to go to a chiropractor? Will insurance cover it? Does it work?

Your costs to go to a chiropractor will depend…

If you call around to 5 different chiropractic offices you’ll get 5 different answers.  The simplest thing to start with is insurance or no insurance. When you call Rising Sun Chiropractic and ask about the cost we are able to give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.  

How much does it cost to go to the chiropractor
Our team will know how much it costs to go to the chiropractor.

I’ve got insurance!

We’ve worked with insurance for years and while the rules change all the time we have a good understanding of what to expect with the major insurers.  During your first visit, we will take an initial look at your benefits so by the time your appointment is over we can be confident of your out of pocket costs for the day.  When you come for your second visit we will have an even clearer idea of your out of pocket responsibilities and will discuss your options with you. Even with insurance coverage, most policies will have some level of out of pocket responsibilities, we’ll help you understand them the best we can.  

No insurance?  No Problem!

It’s hard to see the value for insurance sometimes, crazy deductibles, insurance premiums, and still paying a copay.  When you call Rising Sun Chiropractic we can tell you the exact costs for our self-pay services.  Exam costs can vary based on the complexity and time of your first visit.  Adjustments, therapies, laser, and rehab have set costs that don’t change visit to visit.  We have payment options available if you need and our cash rates are often less than co-pays these days. 

Shopping Around 

In general, chiropractic offices charge anywhere from $30 to several hundred dollars per appointment depending on services rendered.  Across the nation, you’ll see an average visit cost of about $65.  There are some therapies and treatments that can cost more but often it’s dependent on where you live and general costs in your region.  Our advice, be wary of free treatments or dirt cheap coupons for care, if it’s too good to be true it usually is. 

Final Thoughts

There are many factors that influence the cost of chiropractic care.  When you call Rising Sun Chiropractic ask “how much will it cost to go to a chiropractor”.  We can give you a range of expected costs for your first visit, both insurance and cash-based care. At Rising Sun Chiropractic we have different options for payment, but most visits we will collect your expected out of pocket costs after your visit.  If your injury requires more visits we can set up payment plans to reduce the upfront costs associated with the start of care. You will never be denied care based on an inability to pay.   We accept all payment methods. 

If you still have questions about how much seeing a chiropractor costs, contact us at Rising Sun Chiropractic today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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