It’s time for some Pillow Talk.  Sleep is the most critical component of a healthy life and high-quality sleep can make or break a day.  Pillows are part of the foundation of a good night sleep and a good pillow is worth its weight in gold.  In this post, we’re gonna cover all the most frequently asked questions about pillows, different kinds, and what to look for depending on sleep style.


How do I choose a pillow?

The options are endless when it comes to pillows! It can feel impossible to know if you’ve made the right choice for your body.  At Rising Sun Chiropractic + Weight Loss, we take the position, if you sleep comfortably and wake up refreshed, DON’T CHANGE IT!!!  This article will cover the important check-list for those who do not sleep comfortably or feel refreshed, and are ready for a change when it comes to sleep!

While a mattress may be the most important piece of the sleep puzzle, pillows are a close second. For people who deal with neck pain, headaches, or numbness in hands and arms during the night a good pillow can make you feel like you won the lottery. 


Why Does Your Pillow Matter?

If you are waking up with a stiff neck, numbness in hands or even headaches a pillow may help a great deal.  As a small aside, these are symptoms you always want to have evaluated by a professional but after that, a pillow may be your next step.  Something to think about, if you sleep at a hotel or a friend’s house and you sleep better OR worse than at home, your pillow may be the culprit. 

A proper pillow will facilitate a good night’s sleep, sleep longer and wake without stiffness or pain. Having the wrong pillow over time can exacerbate unnecessary neck pain.  There are a few factors that go into making a self-guide to determine the proper pillow for you.


Pillow Talk-When is it time for a new pillow?

On average, a pillow should be replaced every 18 months.  I will fully admit that my pillow is much older than that and that does bring up the point that if you are comfortable and sleeping well don’t fix what’s not broken.  Pillows do generally follow the  “you get what you pay for” rule, better pillows often cost more.  A higher quality pillow will last longer than an inexpensive option.  Here are a few things you can do your pillow to see if you need a new one. First, take it out of the pillowcase to see if there are any stains, if it looks gross its time to go. Second, fold it in half and see if the pillow stays folded. In polyfill and other synthetic pillows if they don’t bounce back it time for them to move on. 

Determining Type of Pillow:

How you sleep plays an important role in your comfort.  Let’s take a look at the options. 

Back Sleeper:

If you love sleeping on your back but your spouse is constantly giving you an elbow because your snoring a pillow may be a simple fix. Sleeping on your back might appear to be comfy but will highlight underlying issues with snoring if you have a pillow that allows your head to sink. As you lay your head back, gravity will push the tongue back and block your throat. A better alternative will be a pillow that offers height, neck support, and throat at a comfortable level.

Stomach Sleeper:

This may sound crazy but we don’t think this is a bad option for some of us.  The golden rule of sleep is if you fall asleep easy, stay asleep and wake comfortable and refreshed don’t worry about it. Sleeping on your stomach can become taxing on your back and neck. A firm/plump pillow will force your neck into an odd angle that might lead to some discomfort stomach sleepers will do better with a flat and soft pillow.

Side Sleeper:

One of the most common positions to sleep in is on the side. You will need more support to keep the neck at a neutral angle, these pillows tend to be a little firmer and a little bigger. 

Pillow Talk-Making the decision:

Tricore Pillow:

These pillows are versatile, because of the depression in the middle we have the ability to both back and side sleep.  I have found clinically that most people respond best to the mid-core pillow because it is a little smaller.  The tri and mid core pillows are also nice because they do offer a 30 day trial depending on where you purchase the pillow.  

The cervipedic pillow helps facilitate cervical support by using its contour shape to help relax the neck. The shape will cradle the head and neck by promoting a natural curve. It has adjustable neck support and can be used anywhere you recline. The design of the pillow makes it more efficient for travel purposes, but if you are looking for a pillow to help with a good night’s sleep, this will not be the pillow for you.


This company starts with the idea that a pillow should be custom to you.  Taking you through a measuring process they are trying to get you the best fit possible and ultimately the best night sleep possible.  They also have a “love it” guarantee, try it for 30 days and if you don’t like it you can get a new size or a refund. 


The Therapeutica® Sleeping Pillow allows you to sleep on your back and/or side in the correct spinal alignment. The center of the pillow is designed specifically for back sleeping with a unique wedge for upper back support. Both outside edges of the pillow are designed for side sleeping. The unique density creates a firm but soft feel which allows for a comfortable, supportive night’s sleep. These pillows also require you to measure to get the best fit possible.

Feather, MyPillow, Memory foam etc.

The remainder of pillows fall into the same general category.  Pillows we have all tried before.  These typically are a sack with some filling.  Most people will get a goods night rest with these pillows.  The biggest issue with these is making sure there is not too much or too little material in the pillow or in the memory foam case making sure that the pillow isn’t too large. 

Decision Time:

With our patients and our friends, the recommendations around our mattresses and pillows are the same.  First, it needs to have a return option.  Ideally you’ll be able to try a pillow out a minimum of 30 days.  Second, make sure you don’t have a sensitivity to the materials. Third, know your budget.  These custom pillows can last a long time and if they’re a great fit they are worth the investment.  Shopping around is worth your time.  Let us know if you have any questions about your pillow.  This is something that will have long term consequences on your health, make sure they are for the good. 

We Can Help

At Rising Sun Chiropractic our team gets to know you.  Managing neck pain, hand numbness, and poor sleep are just a few reasons we may talk about specific pillows.  Not everyone needs a special pillow but when you do we’ll be there to help you. Call or click today for a free consultation about your health.


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