Reduce Pain for More Energy

Believe it or not, headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, and neck pain can all start from poor posture! We treat many patients who work from computers all day, and thus experience aches and pains because of poor posture during prolonged periods of screen time. Pain is distracting and takes away the energy we need to accomplish even the simplest daily tasks. Fortunately there are easy ways to increase energy!

Our very own Weight Loss Program Manager, Becky, recently fell victim to the inconveniences of an unhelpful workspace! Becky started experiencing neck pain and headaches as each work day progressed. After a few adjustments, Dr. Seth realized her headaches were triggered by something she was doing during the day. He and Becky reviewed her desk area and discovered Becky was leaning forward in her chair to better see her computer screen. Leaning forward was just enough to strain tiny neck muscles and cause the headaches. A few small changes to Becky’s workstation now keep her focused and productive! Click Here to Watch Dr. Seth’s Assessment of Becky’s Workstation

Nutrition for More Energy

Lack of energy occurs for several different reasons; correlating nutrition is a kickstart to revitalizing energy and feeling great again. We’ll break it down below:

Generally low energy- CBD to improve sleep, 30-75mg before bed improves sleep quality. MitoCore is a multivitamin focused on improving the body’s ability to make energy in the cells. It is recommended to consume Mitocore during the day.

Drinking more and more coffee, or consuming more and more sugar- See above directions for CBD and MitoCore, add add Stress Essentials! The Stress Essentials product helps the body improve natural stress response, which leads to improved blood sugar regulation during the day, improved mental clarity and improved energy during the day.

Extinguished energy- If you find yourself here we probably should have a more detailed conversation regarding your specific needs. Safely start with CBD, Mitocore, and Stress Essentials, but you may greatly benefit from doing detoxification and more specific stress support to help your body have the necessary resources to create energy in the cells. Shop RSC + WL Nutrition

Last Chance! January Team Detox

Eliminate the toxins of 2020 and join us for our third annual team detox! Detox packages are 10% off through the end of January. Call today for more info 934-3333! Click Here to Learn More About Detox!

Please contact us with questions about easy ways to increase energy by calling 934-3333!

The Rising Sun Squad,

Dr. Seth, Christina, Kaylen, Stacy, Gina, Becky

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