All Disc Injuries Are Not the Same!

Last week we talked about what a spinal disc is, what it does, what it looks like, and why Dr. Seth uses the McKenzie Method for disc injury care. This week we are diving in to the most common spinal disc injuries we see at the clinic.

Delamination: Inner rings of the disc separate and push out toward the nerves causing pain and inflammation. Pain often radiates into the glutes and hips. Further damage of the disc is possible if left untreated.

Bulging disc: Repetitive motions such as bending forward cause the disc to press on the ligament on the back of the disc, and the disc begins to push out to one side. This typically causes pain on one side of the body as well as inflammation. Fish oil and laser therapy are most often recommended for reducing pain and inflammation due to a bulging disc.

Disc herniation: A bulging disc is pushed out to one side so often it causes a separation against the surrounding nerve. This is a common reason why people go through surgery, however, in most cases disc herniation recovery and repair is possible through non-invasive forms of treatment.

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