Be Proactive in Strengthening Your Spine

A happy disc rests without pressure and in a neutral position. Slouching happens every day, sometimes all day, especially when in a seated position. The pressure from slouching makes discs mad, which is why one will experience back pain after sitting in a soft couch, or hunched over while washing dishes.

So what does this have to do with strengthening discs? Posture! Sitting upright and taking pressure off of hips will keep discs in a neutral position. How do chronic slouchers reverse this bad habit? We have a simple tool called a lumbar roll to maintain optimal posture. A lumbar roll is squishy and flexible and looks similar to a travel pillow. When placed in between a chair and the user’s back, it comfortably forces upright posture. The lumbar roll is easy to take along in the car, at work, or to use at home. It is an easy tool to give you control over your posture and pain!

Wondering if a lumbar roll is a good fit for you? They are available to purchase at the clinic. Stop by to check them out today!

Use THIS to Strengthen Discs 

NEW at Rising Sun

Custom RSC, laser-etched, 20 oz stainless steel water bottles with detachable straw!

-Stay hydrated

-Keep cold drinks cold

-Support a small business while sippin’ in style!

Limited quantity available; stop by or call during business hours to purchase yours! 934-3333

Water bottles are $18 + tax

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, February 23rd @ 12PM
Virtual Lunch + Learn: McKenzie Method + Disc Pain
Not every chiropractor practices using the McKenzie Method! So why is it a key component to disc pain care at Rising Sun? Dr. Seth will share what you need to know about this transformational method of disc pain recovery.

Thank you for reading our blog about strengthening spinal discs! We hope to see you soon!

The Rising Sun Squad,

Dr. Seth, Christina, Kaylen, Stacy, Gina, Becky

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