What to Look for in Spinal Nutrition

Nutrition is an integral part of recovering from a spinal disc injury or spinal disc pain. The two goals for specific nutrition in these circumstances are to increase protein and reduce inflammation. Listed below is nutrition Dr. Seth recommends to accomplish the two goals:

Paleo Protein: easy way to consume more protein, dairy-free product won’t cause gut disruptions, two great flavors (chocolate and vanilla)

Multi Collagen Renew: another easy way to consume more protein without consuming more solid food, can be mixed in to any liquid (coffee, water, sparkling water, tea, etc.) and is unflavored

Herbal Eze: anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling associated with an injury

CBD Oil: effective for reducing pain and inflammation, improves sleep, correct dosing is essential for best results (please consult with Dr. Seth before using any CBD products)

A Closer Look at Spinal Disc Nutritio

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