Back Pain Post Surgery

More and more commonly we are helping people with lower back pain after having a new knee or hip.u00a0 After you have had a new joint the last thing you want to deal with is a new pain somewhere else.u00a0

Changes in your gait and posture puts new stress on other body parts

As you rehab and strengthen your new joint your lower back is usually the scape goat

You have already dealt with enough pain. Don't let another injury slow you down.

What do you do?

Strength & stamina

Strengthening your new joint is a must! We can’t over stress that you make sure you follow all your surgeons and physical therapists advice.u00a0 Get the most out of your new joint.

Back Pain and compensation

As you start using your new joint your body moves in new ways.u00a0 If you are feeling pain in your lower back it is telling you its under stress.u00a0 Take steps right away and don’t loose a singe day of progress.u00a0 We find most back pain after hip or knee replacement responds very quickly to our combination of chiropractic care.

achieving your goals

Reclaiming your life pre joint replacement is the goal, not fighting new pain.u00a0 We will work with your physical therapist to create a path to achieving the pain free and active life you hope for.u00a0

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