The New Year Routine

Every year millions of people decide it’s time to “get healthy.” It’s easy to follow a new plan the first few days, feel the determination to make the changes stick, and anticipate the results of looking and feeling better. The problem? Up to 80% of people give up their resolutions within the first 30 days!  All the good intentions seem to disintegrate. How can we break the cycle and effectively eat better to feel better? The answer is to take a new perspective on food!

A New Perspective

The body needs fuel to function and that fuel is food. Think of junk and fast foods as old gasoline sitting in a vehicle’s tank for many years. Over time the tank collects water and debris. The vehicle is unable to perform at its best. Now think of fresh gasoline, full in your vehicle’s tank. Just like fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, the fresh gasoline powers up the vehicle and gets us where we need to go. Dietary choices give the body the resources to grow, heal and function properly. Nourishing foods create abundant health and a chance at disease-free old age. Junk food slows the body down and causes more harm than good. For instance, fast food has caused an epidemic of autoimmune diseases, which means the body attacks itself. The inflammation unhealthy foods trigger cause daily pain, hormone disruption, and the ever-expanding waistline. Creating health with positive changes is easier than supporting a constantly sick and injured body.

4 Tips to Succeed at Lifestyle Changes

  1. Get the junk out of your house: make it work for yourself to obtain junk by getting rid of your snack stash. It’s easier to resist treats at the store than it is once they’re in your house.
  2. Prepare meals in bulk (enough for several days): willpower fades with each decision made when life gets busy. It is much easier to stay on track toward goals when food is already prepared and easy to grab when in a pinch!
  3. It’s not “all or none:”  everyone has weddings, birthday parties, and other important events to attend. Don’t use these fun times as an excuse to ditch your goals. Enjoy them, and then refocus (you don’t have to wait until Monday to make smart choices surrounding food).
  4. Find an accountability partner: don’t rely on those who tell you it’s okay to cheat on your goals. You deserve to achieve what you’re working hard for! Someone to cheer you on and assist with the challenges is a great way to get there! 

You now have several tools to use when it comes to eating better along with the understanding of how food affects the body. Please call or visit us to learn more about taking a new perspective on food to eat better and feel better. Here’s to your healthiest year yet!

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