Why is Nutrition Needed?

Winter is a daunting time of year for many. It’s common to feel additional stress at this time of year with the combination of shorter days, major drops in temperature, and busy holiday events. The good news is, it is possible to reduce winter stress! We’ve put together our top 3 supplements for winter stress management and how they work to combat the winter blues. Check it out!

Winter Stress Management Nutrition Recommendations

CereVive- best for symptoms associated with depression

Designed to support mood and brighten mental outlook: Brightening mental outlook along with mood support allows the ability to handle stressful situations in a more productive way.

Supports calming alpha brain wave activity: Alpha brain waves are produced by the brain when it’s free of distraction. Supporting calm brain waves encourages the brain to remain in a stress-free and calm state, thus making us feel better overall.

Supports production of healthy levels of neurotransmitters: Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers in the body. An adequate number of messenger systems allows for regulation of mood, appetite, memory, focus, energy levels, a healthy sleep cycle, and daily stress.

Assists with neurotransmitter signaling systems: Better communication between the chemical messengers in the body allows for effective management of daily stressors. For example, we are able to respond rather than react.

Vitamin D- best for symptoms of SAD

Supports Cardiovascular function: Studies have shown the connection between Vitamin D levels and cardiovascular disease. This information suggests Vitamin D intake likely plays a role in prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Supports healthy mood and stress levels: A healthy mood establishes more desirable reactions to stressors. Supporting stress levels allows for longer stress-free periods and easy handling of stressful situations.

Supports bone and skin tissues: Studies have proven Vitamin D an essential role in maintaining a healthy skeleton. Vitamin D insufficiency and Vitamin D deficiency are now recognized as a major cause of metabolic bone disease in the elderly. Vitamin D deficiency not only causes bone softening, but can exacerbate weak, brittle bones (Holick, 1996). In addition to the role Vitamin D plays in bone tissues, it also plays a key part in skin tissues. Nearly all studies and data on Vitamin D point to the impact on the health of skin. Deficiency is a driving force in many dermatological diseases.

Supports immune function: Vitamin D regulates the body’s innate and adaptive immune responses, meaning it boosts the body’s natural ability to fight off germs, bacteria, viruses, etc. Deficiency in Vitamin D increases the risk for developing infection or sickness.

Stress Essentials: Adrenal Renew- best for chronic stress and chronic fatigue

Promotes healthy stress response: A healthy stress response is how the body adapts to new, potentially stressful situations more favorably. Stressors that would typically cause an intense reaction are more mild and better controlled.

Supports healthy adrenal gland function: The adrenal gland is responsible for producing the body’s stress hormones. When this system functions correctly it allows for the adrenal gland to release hormones to effectively and efficiently respond to stressful situations.

Promotes healthy endocrine function: The endocrine system is responsible for regulating hormones released. This includes hormones released by the adrenal gland. Proper function of the endocrine system allows for appropriate amounts of stress hormones to be produced and released. Too much or too little can cause health issues.

Helps balance cortisol levels: Cortisol is the body’s main stress response hormone. Cortisol is responsible for regulating mood, motivation, and fear. For example, when the body perceives a stressful event, cortisol is released so we can get through the event. Therefore, it is important the body releases the correct amount of cortisol. Remember, too much or too little cortisol can lead to health problems.

Supports healthy immune function: The immune system is the natural defense system against outside invaders. Outside invaders the body fights off are germs, bacteria, viruses, all of which would otherwise lead to illness. A properly functioning immune system is a foundational piece to overall health. More about immune health here.

Promotes energy metabolism: Energy metabolism is the process of generating ATP (a source of energy in the body) from breakdown of nutrients. Promoting energy metabolism assists in the breakdown of nutrients. Then the body is able to produce more energy to perform vital cellular functions. Simply, the body burns food to produce more energy for the body.

Next Steps

You are well on your way to effectively reduce winter stress! You now have information about options for winter stress management supplements and how they work. It’s important to remember symptoms of depression, SAD, and situations of chronic stress are different for everyone! Our team is here to help you find the best fit for your symptoms and goals, as well as provide dosing instructions. Please reach out if you have questions about our winter supplement recommendations!

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More Options Available

Looking for even more options to reduce winter stress? Check out our video about CBD oil below!

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