The digestive system is critical to overall health; it is responsible for housing much of the immune system, produces key vitamins and minerals (with help from healthy bacteria), produces neurotransmitters, and is a major detoxification organ. A healthy gut provides abundant energy, clarity of thought, and even prevents cognitive diseases. Clients regularly ask, “how do I improve my health, increase energy, balance hormones, lose weight, reduce stress, sleep better,” and the list goes on. The key to improving common health concerns starts with the gut. Unfortunately, most people have some type of gut dysfunction or leaky gut.

What causes an unhealthy gut?

The biggest disrupter is lifestyle. Foods consumed, products applied to skin, and environmental exposures all impact the gut. When not properly cared for, an unhealthy gut continues to worsen with age because it is under constant stress for long periods of time. The second contributor to an unhealthy gut may surprise you. It is antibiotic exposure. One round of antibiotics can disrupt the GI for up to 2 years! Chronic exposure is associated with several GI diseases as well as leaky gut syndrome. 

What are the symptoms of a leaky gut?

Unfortunately, all ages can experience leaky gut syndrome so it is important to recognize the symptoms and take corrective action as soon as possible. The most common signs of leaky gut are chronic diarrhea or constipation, bloating, and gas. Other symptoms associated with an unhealthy gut are chronic fatigue, headaches, confusion, and difficulty concentrating. Finally, joint pain and skin issues such as chronic acne, rashes or eczema are also indications of GI imbalances. 

Why is leaky gut bad?

The gut is and will always be leaky to some extent; a healthy gut is selectively leaky. The gut is the gatekeeper of deciding what goes into the bloodstream and what doesn’t. A healthy GI easily transports proteins, sugars, and fats in their most basic forms. An unhealthy GI allows harmful material, such as bacterial infection, through the system. This is unwanted because of the negative impact on the immune system and flare-ups of inflammation.

Can a leaky gut be healed?

Yes! The digestive system is constantly changing, interacting with different bacteria, healing from traumas, all while continuing to do its job. The best and most simple step to take to turn gut health around is to eat in a way that supports a healthy gut. Fresh, whole foods create a noticeable difference in the gut in only a few days. It’s possible to feel better than you have in years in only a few weeks. Another way to improve the GI is with nutrition such as GI Defend. GI Defend cleans out the plaque in the gut, restoring gut barrier and digestive function.

Testing for leaky gut

While a test is not needed to heal a leaky gut, it is a great resource to gain insight on this complex organ. There are 3 key junctions between all intestinal cells that work with different sized molecules that go in or out of the intestinal tract. These junction cells allow the ability to test for leaky gut. We recommend the Cyrex Labs Array 2 test. This test provides the information needed to see details and specifics about the gut as they vary from person to person.

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