I love dogs; I grew up with having several dogs at a time and am still a dog owner to this day. My experience with dogs has created an incredible impact on my life. So much so, they have been a guide of who I am and how I practice.

I decided to become certified in animal chiropractic right out of chiropractic school in 2009. It was an enlightening experience;  animals don’t have placebo, they don’t wonder if they are better. They are either better or they are not. This was a key to care while going through my certification, and it still is for each pet I treat.   

My first case was with one of my own dogs, Lava. Lava was 14 and had severe neck pain from arthritis and degenerative disc issues. It seemed like the perfect fit to be able to help my own dog through the process of certification. I knew the additional training would be worth it even if it was just to help Lava. Lava’s pain was gone within a few sessions and he was back to his normal self. It was amazing to see him comfortable and at ease, as well as to see him running and playing again.

Lava’s recovery was the first of hundreds  of cases of dogs, cats, and even horses experiencing a second chance after pain or injury caused harm to their lifestyles. These “wins” have been all the motivation I ever needed to continue studying and working at providing care to our furry friends. 

There are several types of musculoskeletal injuries animals deal with. You have probably seen a few if you are a pet owner. There are basic strains and sprains that animals usually recover from quickly. There are also more complicated injuries such as whiplash, disc bulges and herniations, ligament damage and nerve injuries. Finally, sometimes dogs or cats unfortunately experience permanent injuries like degenerative disc disease, arthritis, and displaysia. 

If there is one thing I want pet owners to remember it’s this: while some injuries don’t have a cure, there is always room for improvement. There is no way to heal dysplasia with a chiropractic adjustment, but the function of the muscles and joints will improve as well as establish stabilization. Exercises and muscle therapy along with chiropractic reduce the inflammation and pain and give your pet a better quality of life. Natural health care is safe, gentle, and effective for pets.

Dogs and cats are part of the family and may need chiropractic care, too! Please contact our team if you have questions about animal chiropractic at Rising Sun Chiropractic.

In good health, 

Dr. Seth

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