The mission of our St. Peter chiropractic clinic is to create phenomenal wins when it comes to your health. We want to help you become: #####THIS IS CSS HIDDEN RIGHT NOW######

- Pain Free - Healthy - Vibrant and energetic

Dr. Seth Nelson

My Chiropractic Story:

How do you know RSC in the right place for you? Do pain, injuries, obesity, or chronic illness prevent you from the quality of life you desire? Dr. Nelson takes the time to understand you, your concerns, and your health goals. His mission is to provide care that focuses on achieving your health goals based on the big picture view of you. Dr. Nelson continually expands the tools and techniques offered in his practice to ensure patients receive the most comprehensive care available. How do you know your in the right place? Pain, injuries, obesity, chronic illness steal your life. Dr. Nelson understands that when you come in, whatever your health concern it is taking you away from the things you love to do, the people you enjoy being with and the life you want to have. Having to avoid things like snowboarding, lifting weights and basketball where what drove Dr. Nelson to continually expand the tools offered in the office. When you have a big picture view of your problem you will get better results.


Kaylen is our weight loss advocate and community outreach expert.

Kaylen is the Weight Loss Coach and Community Outreach Assistant in the office. She is passionate about inspiring others to fully embrace who they are, while she models this through her own version of weird. She lives life to the fullest spending time with her family and friends, laughing each day, and traveling as often as she can. While her educational background is in Marketing Communications from the UW-River Falls, she is not defined by what she does, but rather who she is.


Gina keeps Dr. Nelson on track.

Gina is our team assistant. Therapy, intake and jack of all trades.

Gina joined the Rising Sun staff family May 2018, she is our chiropractic assistant. When Gina is not in the office she spends her days loving on her family of five guys, six if you count her dog Bosco. Gina is an entrepreneur, avid reader, a foodie wanna-be. She is a personal growth junkie, who loves creative expression, and unique opportunities.


Stacy keeps us all going! She makes sure that we are serving you all our best.

Stacy was born and raised in St. Peter, her journey with Rising Sun Chiropractic began in February of 2018 as our Office Manager. Stacy enjoys learning something new as often as it presents itself. She believes daily humor is important for your mental health and that life should not be serious too much of the time. When she is not at work she enjoys spending time with her loved ones including 2 sloppy, but large dogs.