Wellness News-Artificial Sweeteners and Happy Gut Bacteria

We have entered the post Thanksgiving pre Christmas lull, that time when you may want to start new healthy habits but feel like you should wait because Christmas is coming. I know that after a weekend of sitting around more and eating/drinking things that I normally don’t I am definitely ready for a some healthy […]

Wellness News-McKenzie Back Exercises and Detoxification

What a couple weeks right? Now that we are onto a different phase of the year we want to focus on two topics this week. First, we are going to cover a few great lower back exercises for when you have that “Oh No” moment then we are going to go over a couple of […]

Detoxification Questionnaire with XXT Test

Here is the link for the questionnaire I discussed in the newsletter.   At home scoring: 0-14 Not too shabby, we all benefit from some dietary and life style change but you are doing ok.  This score is a low level of general symptoms and minimal indicators of toxic load 15-49 Lets talk about doing […]