Brain Health and Testing

Recently I have been talking more and more about brain health.  I was inspired after a recent conference where 3 different physicians spoke about both the complexity and the ability to change the brain.  For those of you who have hear me speak recently or have been in the office you know that we have […]

Super Monday, Sciatica and Super Squash

  Super Monday-Monday Nov. 6th Remember to take advantage of the savings on your nutritional needs. Super Monday is all day on the 6th. You can stop in the office, call your order in, email at or follow this link and order online. Yummy Fall Recipe We tried this one at home last week and it was definitely […]

Healthy choice and dietary choice

Deciphering the Diet

What’s with all the dietary trends? Paleo, Gluten Free, SAD, Ketogenic, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dash the list goes on and on.  Why are any of the choices better than others?  Understanding why some of these diets may be better than others and how some may greatly change your health is important. So often we look in the […]