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At Rising Sun Chiropractic + Weight Loss we have offered the very highest quality of nutritional supplements available.  We have expanded and that means more options for you. The Supplement Store will continue to grow and add products and brands that meet the very highest standards of quality and efficacy.

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At Wellevate you have access to more than 300 brands of supplements and natural health care products.  In the past these have all been behind the desk, now you can select from the highest quality supplements from the comfort of your home.

You will find Orthomolecular, Metagenics and many more here!


Nutrition Dynamics has been the leader in therapeutic nutritional supplements for more than 30 years.  They have been at the forefront of products that are the highest potency and evidence-based.


Why do I need supplements?

If you are like most people sleep is not great, stress is up and down, you don’t always eat the best and you probably could exercise a little more.  The lifestyle of most Americans is a stressful one and doesn’t give us the tools to create abundant health.  There are several reasons we should be using supplements as we age, why don’t we cover a few?

Filling in the cracks

More than 90% of the population don’t get the recommended amount of nutrients from food alone.  I think we can all admit to not reaching our recommended servings of 13 veggies per day.  We often are eating foods that are overly processed and have very little nutritional value.  Supplements help bridge those gaps and give us the tools and resources for optimal health.

Digestion Changes With Age

You may have been the lucky one and could always eat anything but, something has changed, maybe some bloating after a meal, some indgestion, throw in a little constipation and we have some of the hallmarks of bad absorption.  Using supplements can improve digestive health, making it easier for your body to process, absorb, and eliminate.

Medications Deplete Vitamins and Minerals

Prescription medication while life-saving can deplete specific vitamins and minerals. Medications can also block the production of enzymes and lead to side effects that directly impact our health.  Supplements can restore those depletions and assist the body to work more effectively while on medications.

Exercise Needs

Pushing our bodies with physical work and activity can mean that we need more support.  Think of vitamins and minerals like money, some things in life cost more, for example lifting heavy weights and training at a high level requires more from our diet.  Supplements can help us recover faster, keeping us performing at higher levels.

The Supplement Store

These are just a few of the reasons we choose to use supplementation in our practice.  If you take into account stress, food quality, sleep challenges, exercise deficiency, medication side effects, obesity, inflammation it becomes clear that we need the support of supplements.  That’s why we have set up access to GMP certified, pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements.  These products are not all created equal and if you are going to supplement you need the best.

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