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Your First Visit

After you receive a warm welcome as a new patient from our front desk team, you’ll receive some brief paperwork to fill out. The paperwork provides us with general information about yourself and your condition. Dr. Nelson may ask you to complete more detailed questionnaires at a later visit to help him fine-tune your treatment plan.

Click the button to learn more about what to expect. We also provide our new patient form online for your convenience. Filling this out in advance will speed up your appointment time.

Nutritional Supplements

We commit to providing our patients with only the highest quality nutritional supplements that are guaranteed pure, safe, and clinically effective. Quality does matter. At Rising Sun Chiropractic our Nutritional Supplements are all products manufactured in GMP-certified facilities. Failure to use quality products places you at risk of having an adverse event from a contaminant in the product, or not achieving the clinical results you are desiring. Remember Quality Counts!!!

We have made it easy for you to order high quality supplements. Follow the link below to go to our supplement store.  You can choose your favorite brands and save by purchasing online!

Patient Testimonials

E. Dewes-St. Peter, MN I was at a loss. With back pain and sciatic pain-PT, injections, and other chiropractic care was not helping. I was actually terrified to come to another chiropractor because of a bad experience last summer. Dr. Seth calmed my fears-he explains everything he’s doing, and has helped me so much in my recovery process. While I am not totally pain free yet, I can see a day when I will wake up with no pain. Thank you, Dr. Seth and everyone at Rising Sun Chiropractic! You’ve helped me get my life back!

~E. Dewes-St. Peter, MN

C. Christy-Mankato, MN Thank you Dr. Nelson,for helping me with my foot pain. I am so happy to be running again!

~C. Christy-Mankato, MN

H.Taylor-Cleveland, MN Honestly, I have been to a few other Chiropractors before but never like this one. Very friendly and caring office and easy to get in for appointments. Dr. Nelson was very positive in my situation, professional, gentle and easy to work with. I highly recommend going here if you’re in need of some relief. Thank you for helping me get better Dr. Nelson!!

~H.Taylor-Cleveland, MN

M. Behrens-Mankato, MN I have been to chiropractor’s in the past and have been very disappointed, because they make adjustments and never care to help you improve. He cares more about your health and seeing you improve, than any other chiropractor I have met. I would recommend Dr. Nelson for helping heal all your back and body pains

~M. Behrens-Mankato, MN

K. Okins-Mankato, MN Dr. Seth at Rising Sun Chiropractic is very accommodating. I love that he is so open minded to any and all option to making you feel better. He listens to you fully and makes sure he has covered all of your questions. I have had bad headaches since high school. Every chiropractor I have been to makes me feel better for a short time, but my neck would never stay in place. Dr. Seth suggested doing specific strengthening exercises. I think this was key. I hardly ever get headaches anymore. Almost any problem you have with body aches he can help you with.

~K. Okins-Mankato, MN

W. Bruce-St. Peter, MN I went to see Dr. Nelson about my chronic lower back pain. He discussed with me the causes and solutions, not just to fix my current problem but to prevent any further injury. He taught me exercises to do at home to strengthen my back and stay in good shape. Always punctual, Dr. Nelson and his staff never kept me waiting, and they also helped me fit the expense to my budget. Cannot recommend Rising Sun more. And he saw me without a referral from a GP, which also saved me money.

~W. Bruce-St. Peter, MN

H. Jean-Mankato, MN As I looked back on my Facebook memories today, I was reminded of a very scary time. I thought I was going to have to put my Furbaby Akasha down due to the tremendous amount of pain she was in. I had brought her to the vet(whom I really like and still go to). She was put on meds, but nothing was helping, and there was nothing else he could do. She couldn’t even move, had to be hand fed, carried out to take care of her business, and shook and cried in pain. THANKFULLY, a friend told me about Rising Sun Chiropractic!! They were so kind and turned her right around. After the very first adjustment she could walk normal again and the pain, I though was going to be the death of her, was gone just like that! We continued her adjustments until she was 100%, and I will be forever grateful toward them!! Thank you so much!! She is my world and she’s running around without a care in the world at this very moment.

~H. Jean-Mankato, MN

L. Moriccal-St. Peter, MN Dr. Nelson goes above and beyond for his patients! He searches for answers and looks into all possibilities to find the cause of his patient’s pain and problems. He takes joy in continuing his path to becoming better and better. You’d be hard pressed to find another chiropractor like him.

~L. Moriccal-St. Peter, MN