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  3. Dr. Seth will upload your results electronically to the national database and provide you with a copy of your certificate. 

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What Is a DOT Physical Exam?

The DOT physical exam certifies that a driver is capable of safely operating a CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle). This exam is required by the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

Who is a DOT exam required for? 

A DOT physical is required for:

  • Operate a motor vehicle for interstate commerce with a gross combination weight rating, gross vehicle weight rating, or gross combination of weight over 10,000 pounds
  • Operate a motor vehicle designed to carry more than 15 people, or are paid to operate a motor vehicle designed to carry more than 8 people
  • Transport hazardous materials
  • Are required to have their CDL (Commercial Drivers License) by their employers
DOT Physical Exams
DOT Physical Exam for Bus Drivers
DOT Exam for Hazardous Material Transport
DOT Physical for CDL License

What does the DOT exam consist of?

During your DOT exam the CME (Certified Medical Examiner) will perform a review of health history, vital signs, urinalysis, vision test, hearing test, and a full physical exam that includes:

  • General appearance
  • Mouth/throat
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Abdomen
  • Extremities/Joints
  • Back/Spine
  • Nervous System

The presence of a certain condition may not necessarily disqualify a driver, but it may warrant further investigation if the CME determines necessity. If the CME determines that you are fit and safe to drive they will issue you a MEC (Medical Examiner’s Certificate) also known as a DOT medical card. You must pass all parts of the exam to be issued a MEC.

Chest Examination
Spinal Exam
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