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At Rising Sun Chiropractic + Weight Loss we meet so many clients that have tried just about every weight loss program. Losing weight is not a “one size fits all” process.  We realize that every person is different, and we work hard to make sure you achieve the results you’re looking for.

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Have you ever wondered what foods work best for me? How should I eat to maintain my health?  Our program will teach you how foods effect your body and how to create long term success using real, whole food.

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Exercise and movement are critical to our health, longevity and vitality BUT you can’t outrun your fork.  The tough part about exercise is that if your diet doesn’t compliment your exercise and activity you will have a hard time seeing weight loss.  Nothing is more frustrating than working out really hard for weeks and seeing the scale stay the same.

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Stress can stop weight loss in its tracks.  Have you ever felt like the more stressed you get the less will power you have? How about when your feeling stressed and you end up snacking without even thinking about it?  These are common problems that we can help you work thorough to achieve lasting success.

How our Weight Loss Program is Different

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Weight Loss with Real Food in St. Peter, MN

No bags, bars, shakes or stimulants.  The key to your success is learning about how real food works.  Having the ability to go to any grocery store, to any restaurant and know how to eat with confidence that you are getting healthier with every bite.

Weight Loss in St. peter uses genetics

Have you ever wondered how genetics plays a part in your health? Using the power of your genetics we can tailor your dietary and lifestyle recommendations to you.  You’ll get the tools to understand how your body works with food and how to succeed. No more yo-yo diets!

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Check out some of our amazing successes!

Study after study show that having help matters.  A partner in your journey to answer questions, motivate and support you is a key part of why our program has been so successful for the St. Peter and surrounding communities.  We will work hand in hand with you for your long term weight loss.

Amazing Weight Loss Success at our St. Peter Weight Loss Center

Activate Metabolics

Featuring the Activate Metabolics Program

We made the decision to partner with the Activate Metabolics Program for several key reasons.

At Rising Sun Chiropractic + Weight Loss we have always had a science first approach.  Whether you are in the office for chiropractic care, nutrition, laser therapy or weight loss we want to use techniques and tools that lead to you being in control and learning how to take care of yourself.

Activate Metabolics isn’t a quick fix, short term diet or a supplement based weight loss program. It’s a comprehensive clinical-based weight loss system. We use  body composition analyses combined with genetic testing to craft a weight loss system unique to you.  We combine science with strategic eating recommendations, temporary supplementation and one on one support to establish new habits and critical lifestyle changes that lead to long term success.

How do genetics play a role in your success?

We use genetic testing to check your DNA and determine your  processing, storage, and assimilation of different nutrients. Instead of guessing at protein ratios and the levels of fats and carbs your need, our program delivers a long-term success by basing your recommendations on your genetics.


Coaching and accountability leads to success.

You’ll never be on your own to work through your challenges.  Daily communication will help you through challenges that come with lifestyle changes, help answer questions and make sure you have a coach that leads you to the successes your after.

Our program’s value is built on the sum of its parts. Instead of offering piecemeal advice and recommendations on how to lose weight, we give you the complete toolset you need to dramatically improve your health and establish habits that will last a lifetime.

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