What if you could have an exercise, just 1, that truly made a difference in your pain?  Understanding how your body responds to activity and movement is the key to healing and avoiding future injuries.

What is The McKenzie Method?

The McKenzie Method is a system that gives you and your doctor the tools to classify and treat your musculoskeletal injuries.  As a Certified McKenzie Method practitioner we are one of just a few chiropractors in the state of Minnesota that has achieved this level of education.

What Makes the McKenzie Method Different?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to understand why you hurt?  What if you could learn what you are doing to make your pain worse and more importantly make it better.  The McKenzie method is a guide to giving you a deeper understanding of your pain.  This system has been progressing for the last 50 years and is driven by evidence and research.


How many times have you been to a chiropractor or physical therapist and been given 5-10 different exercises?  Too many exercises is overwhelming, leading to frustration and resulting in not doing any of them.  We will help you succeed.  The McKenzie Method will simplify the approach, keeping you doing just 1 or 2 exercises that really make a difference, keeps you motivated to stay on track because you’ll know you are in charge of your recovery.

Check out our webinar on The McKenzie Method

What to expect

Step 1: Assessment

To understand complex cases, disc injury, nerve pain and soft tissue problems we need to have a system that gives us a road map to simplify your case.

One on one coaching for exercise at Rising Sun Chiropractic + Weight LossThe McKenzie Method(MDT) creates a process that is a straightforward guide to understanding your pain and injuries.  Your first step will be a history where Dr. Nelson will take time to listen and understand what activities are a part of your life and how they affect you.

The assessment is a critical piece to your puzzle.  When we don’t feel heard or listened to we often don’t share our full story.  At Rising Sun Chiropractic + Weight Loss you will always be heard.  We pride ourselves on making sure we listen so we don’t miss critical parts of your recovery story.

After you have shared your experience with your doctor you will go through a physical assessment of repeated movements to identify your distinct patterns of pain and how your body responds to movement.  We need to have objective, reproducible and reliable results for you to get better.

Step 2: Classification

To successfully treat your injury we need to classify it.  What does that mean? In this technique we have 3 basic classifications, derangement, dysfunction and other.  There are many sub classifications but basically think of them like this. 

The first classification is Derangement is an injury to a joint, something is changing the way your joint is moving and that is causing pain.  It could be a disc herniation or bulge, arthritis or any number of things but the key is that this is able to change RAPIDLY.  Derangement injuries, even if you have been in pain for decades can often change within your first visit or 2.  It is a truly wonderful thing to watch when a person in pain for years can suddenly stand up straight for the first time or touch their toes again.

The second classification is Dysfunction.  Dysfunction injuries are in the tendon and muscle.  These are typically injuries that have been going on for some time are painful with specific positions or activity and don’t seem to want to go away.  The good news is that these types of injuries are very treatable and YOU are in charge of how fast they get better.

The third classification is Other.  As you can imagine other is the everything else category.  This includes types of arthritis, stenosis, non responsive radicular pain, cancer and more.  This is the category that we most often are co-managing with medical and other health care providers to get the best results.

Step 3: Treatment

Once we have your specific assessment and classification you and your chiropractor can get to work.  You will get specific advice on your exercises, what lifestyleMcKenzie Method Clinician Overpressure habits to change and modify and how to create a plan that leads to relief and recovery.

We believe that most injuries are driven by many factors.  Just like rain drops that fill up a bucket, chronic pain often is made worse by many factors during the day.  Many times we’re told don’t lift or carry but what about how you sit on a couch, how you brace yourself when getting up and down from a chair, how stress changes your pain?  You don’t often have the chance to discuss the many factors that drive pain but you will with us.  We will take the time to discuss your symptoms and talk about what we’ve learnt during your exam that will help you for the rest of your life.

Say good bye to pages of exercises and complex movements.  Being a certified clinician, Dr. Nelson is able to help you find the right activity to help you recover.  The goal is simple the most effective care in the least amount of time and least number of sessions.   The power to recover is in your hands.

Step 4: Prevention

Once you have learned the exercises and seen their effectiveness you will learn how to self assess.   Understanding your pain and your specific pain cycle can teach you what to look out for, how to stay ahead of your symptoms and what to do when flare ups happen.

During your treatments at Rising Sun Chiropractic + Weight Loss you and your chiropractor will work through the specific triggers for your pain, how to assess them and ideally learn to treat them in the comfort of your home.  You will have a daily check list for your health and the tools to treat it.



You will be able to treat yourself!

Gaining Independence through the McKenzie Method

MDT is a proven treatment method, it is

  • backed by years of research, evidence and practice
  • low cost, fast and effective even for chronic pain
  • non-invasive
  • can be used post injection and post surgically
  • self directed-we teach you how to do it
  • you gain the ability to control your own symptoms
  • you gain life-long pain management and prevention skills

Our goals at Rising Sun Chiropractic + Weight Loss is to use all the techniques available to promote healing and give you your health and pain free life back.

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