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Happy Mothers Day!

Do I REALLY need to drink more water?
We hear it from all directions daily, drink water, drink more water, heck even as I type this the doctor side of my brain is saying shouldn’t you be drinking a glass of water, soon? So, why? Drinking enough water is essential for normal functions such as circulation, metabolism, temperature regulation, and waste removal. Excessive dehydration is associated with serious health problems, even mild dehydration can cause issues, including headaches, irritability, poorer physical performance, and reduced cognitive functioning. Studies have shown a 2% loss of hydration can lead to a 20% loss in performance in sporting events. There are many times in our clinic where patients talk to use about constipation, cramping, foggy headedness and we make the first suggestion of drink more water. Research out of Harvard confirms what we have been encouraging. Looking at data from 2009-2012 on more than 4,000 children and adolescents aged 6 to 19 they found that a little more than half of all children and adolescents weren’t getting enough hydration. Boys were 76 percent more likely than girls, and non-Hispanic blacks were 34 percent more likely than non-Hispanic whites, to be inadequately hydrated and a quarter of the children and adolescents in the study reported drinking no plain water at all.
So, next time you are reaching for a glass fill it with water first! Each day try to reach half your body weight in ounces.

One of our biggest goals is to avoid age related decline associated with muscle weakness. Too often we end up in assisted living because we can’t safely get off the toilet. It is sad that a half a squat movement becomes the straw that sends us out of our homes. Women and men alike should be incorporating muscle training to enhance health and well being, improve brain vitality, among many other things. Research is constantly pouring out, at times overwhelming and is usually ripe with contradictions. This research is something that more regular lifters can take advantage of. When bodybuilding or even regular weight lifting the goal is to trigger muscle protein synthesis. This study showed that when using working sets resting 5 minutes between resulted in higher muscle protein synthesisafter the workout. Increased MPS=More Muscle Growth! The researches concluded that well trained individuals would benefit from a 2-3 minute rest to get over the plateaus they may have run into from long term training.

Interesting News: Using Runner Ducks to avoid pesticide use in Vineyard. If you have an extra minute in your day check out this article from NPR on Indian Runner Ducks This vineyard has been using a flock of Indian Runner ducks for more than 30 years to clean bugs off their vines. Check out the video.

Dr. Nelson will be out of the office this Friday 5/13, Saturday 5/14 and Sunday 5/15 for continuing education. Sieren will still be in the office Friday if you need any supplements, products or need to get scheduled.

Have a Beautiful week!

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