Can you work through it? Dr. Nelson says “Sometimes pain gets better as we move and sometimes it’s clear that we’re not going to be able to work through it and uually injuries associated with tendon pain are the ones we can’t work through.”

Tendon pain is sharp and limiting, painful while resting after activity or first thing in the morning, and slowly gets better through the day. If left untreated, there’s often no “good” time of the day.

Thankfully there is continuing research on tendon pain management. The research in this link heavily influences how I treat tendons. The doctor is the leading expert on tendinopathy and tendonitis.

Our St. Peter Chiropractic office has put together a special program for managing tendon pain and we successfully treat, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow(lateral epicondylitis), Golfers Elbow(medial Epicondylitis), Rotator Cuff Tendonitis, Jumpers Knee(Patellar Tendonitis), Achillies Tendonitis, and Wrist Tendonitis(a form of de Quervain’s disease) to name the most common tendon injuries we see.

How is Tendonitis typically treated?

Common treatments: ice, rest, brace or boot, cortisone, ibuprofen or massage…but do they work?

What should you avoid?
1) Avoid rest! Don’t put yourself into a sling or a boot with a fresh tendon injury, it’s a surefire way to prolong your pain and make it difficult to treat.

2) Avoid ibuprofen and cortisone injections, when you first get hurt.
Although helpful for pain management, they interfere with the healing process. Studies show using cortisone increases joint degeneration and increases risk for rupture of the tendon.

What Do I Do?

What do you do? First, find movement that does not trigger pain and move gently. Load the tendon safely with specific movements, specific resistance and the right timing, Dr. Nelson at your St. Peter Chiropractic clinic will guide you specifically through this step. Each tendinopathy has its own specific movement patterns that are key to helping it heal. Tool based rehab such as graston, laser therapy, or taping techniques are helpful in recovery.  Dr. Nelson at Rising Sun Chiropractic sees the fastest outcomes with a combination of Active Release Technique, Graston and Laser therapy in the office when combined with at home exercises.
Don’t suffer, get direction and advice!
Check out our Facebook page and blog for videos on moving patterns for various injuries.

Dads deserve health too!!

Especially when my kids were infants I sacrificed sleep, diet and exercise to support the family. But, at a certain point we need to get back to putting our health first.

Know a dad who is ready for a lifestyle change? Call today for a free consult.

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